MAMA, writer, ponderer, creative spirit...

I am Elizabeth. I'm shy and quiet and I love to read and to take very long walks. I live in the suburbs of Washington, DC, but I wish I lived in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

I love babies. My husband and I had nine of our own. They're growing up now, and some are even making us new babies to love. My best moments are the ones where someone is calling me Mama or Nona. 

I write my heart, and you'll find lots of those words here. My greatest writing passion is sharing my love for Scripture. You'll find a whole world of that at my favorite place on the web, Take Up and Read

In this place here, I think out loud and I write my words so that I can wrestle my thoughts and share my joys. Welcome. I'm really very glad you're here.

I'm happy to find my friends around the web. Connect here:




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